mvctoys Wrote:You cannot l


mvctoys Wrote:

You cannot legally use copyrighted music in a video production that you are charging a fee for. It doesn’t matter if you or the client owns the cd.

Actually it doesn’t matter whether you are charging or not – You are not allowed to use it period. The one exception (I believe – don’t quote me) is for your own personal use (like vacation videos or your own wedding) but there are probably restrictions there as well (like you can’t show it to your mother-in-law or some other such nonsense).

mvctoys Wrote:

the quality of the royalty free music available typically is substandard.

I cannot disagree more – I am on a very strict budget (I do this as a hobby) and have been able to amass a very nice collection of royalty-free music from a wealth of sources (other threads on this board cover this) including free sources (some require attribution like Kevin McLeod, some don’t like Twisted Tracks free giveaways) as well as cheap sources such as eBay (Impact Music Library, TracksNow).

For a bit more money you can get SonicFire Pro which is very high quality and very easy to use. You could also look at Acid Planet and see who would be willing there or even better, download the free Acid version (limits you to ten tracks) and make your own.

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