mvctoys Wrote:I suppose ev


mvctoys Wrote:

I suppose everyone has their own creative opinion’s on what’s good, and what isn’t. That’s why we are all different! The services you mentioned fall into the sub-standard catagory, IMHO. It just isn’t the same as the original recording. I listened to the Top 10 songs on Acid Planet, and they are more like cheap karaoke versions. I am quite confident that my clients would find them to be inferrior to the original recordings they are familiar with. Of course, that reflects on me and my business. I’ll stick with the originals.

As for opinion on what would be good or sub-standard, I think you will find more opinions than the number of works that exist. I don’t know if the "Top 10" on Acid Planet can be used as a watermark for all the work there but that’s your choice. As for using the original copyrighted works in your video, that’s your perogative but at some point it can (and very well might) come back a bite you somewhere you might not like. Douglas Spotted Eagle, a grammy award winner, amazing video editor/producer and man I admire greatly, mentioned in a thread on another board of videographers being sued for this practice. IMHO – While clients may continually demand top 40 pieces in their videos, it will become increasingly difficult to do so in the future.

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