mvctoys Wrote:I bought a f


mvctoys Wrote:

I bought a few Smartsound "CDs", only to find that they are recorded in a proprietary format. I wasn’t able to find a way to convert them to a traditional wav or mp3 file, so I have never used them.

Along with SonicFire Pro (whcih uses the SmartSound technology) – There are other video applications which make use of this as well. One in particular is Pinnacle’s Studio – So you can use these SmartSound discs with that if you have it. (The full list of SS enabled apps is on their website). They also offer an upgrade price if you own one of the SS enabled products plus they will allow you to use any of the existing SS files you might have from them (they helped me integrate my old Pinnacle stuff so I can use that as well for no extra $$$).

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