Murray,Two questions. Is A


Murray,Two questions. Is Avid Studio patch 1.1 loaded? What sort of video file is the program attempting to load when you start the program up? By default the program will be looking in your computer’s My Photo, My Video, My Music folders for files to load. From within the program go to Setup/Control Panel and see Watch Folders. When I had my problem this was the first place I went to disarm the file loading part.

I was definitely getting the “NG has stopped working” error with my problem, but your CPU useage is different than mine. I believe mine was a conflice with the actual H264 Codex being used and the Graphics driver. When I replaced the Codex and dll (dynamic link library) file that accompanied it things quieted down on CPU conflict/useage and I was running the normal 20-70% useage. My solution was on the AVID Knowledge Base, item 418915, titled “Green
preview on H.264 Video in Avid Studio after updating Intel Graphics
drivers”. The replacement Codex is there. I don’t believe you can loose by loading the newer Codex if you haven’t already.

As previously noted in another post above, I did find an excellent discussion by Hajin Lim of the AVID Technology Mountain View Office on the Pinnacle Forum at

who suggested a number of ways to increase Pinnacle/Avid performance. You might take a look there and see if there is something you might not have tried.

Good luck. Avid Studio really is a fine program when you can get it to run.

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