Much has been said about H


Much has been said about HDSLR vs traditional video cameras so I won’t make this too long.

But on my last wedding shoot, I found myself inthe darkest venue I have yet encountered -just really horrible.

My camcorder video came out as I expected, nothing special. But the color and contrast out of my T3i wassurprisingly good usingthe ef-s 55-250mm f/4-5.6 is ii lens zoomed all the way in. If I had a proper prime lens I could have lowered the ISO for even better quality. (Think of it as turning down the gain.)

So if you’re providing your clients with full, uninterrupted ceremony coverage, I believe you will always need the ability to get a single, continuous shot for ease of editing. But I also believe that HDSLRs can, when properly equipped, be an excellent option for wedding videos due to the larger chips and the benefits those sensors bring.

Now, when I say properly equipped, I recommend a tripod and/or a shoulder rig. HDSLRs are, as you surely know, not terribly ergonomic. The T3i and the 60d are the two camera’s I would recommend because they have the vari-angle screen. I shot with a 5D mkii recently and couldn’t image trying to use it as an event camera because the screen is fixed.

I would also recommend youavoid using thecamera mic (of most cameras, actually) unless all other sources have failed. The T3i audio is usable as backup audio only.

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