Much appreciate the replie


Much appreciate the replies and makes me think…….is there not some rule or guidelines explaining how to do this? It’s strike me as if it’s a free for all out there and everyone pretty much sets up the drives as they wish.

I’m certainly NOT an expert on this subject but I do remember while watching a Total Training tutorial several years back, they suggested the OS and programs be on their own individual drives apparently it makes the system faster.

They also suggested to setup the scratch drives (captured and preview) with their own separate drives, again, speed gain was the reason. That’s why I setup my drives as I did years ago and it worked well.

What’s screwing me up is this RAID thing. It seems that RAIDS are used to store video (I thought the OS and programs went in there) until I starting reading about RAIDS.

So, what would you guys think if I was to try the following or is it overkill (am I being stupid?)?



1-RAID0 (captured)


1-Effects, titles, etc

All I’m searching for is reliability, speed and a setup of scratch disks that makes sense.

Thanks for your help as your opinions time taken in replying are valued!

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