MTS is a format generally

AvatarLaguna Hiker

MTS is a format generally known as Panasonic P2. It's a very good format, but very finnicky. If you haven't erased your P2 cards, try recopying everything on the card (not just the MTS files) to your edit workstation. That may help.


The video editing software you mentioned is fairly low-end consumer software, and MTS is a professional format. The software may not be able to handle it. For editing P2 footage, I generally recommend either Apple Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro. There are other good professional-level editing apps out there as well.


Finally, another alternative is to buy an inexpensive video conversion app to convert your MTS footage into something your current editing app can handle, like Quicktime or MP4. There are a lot of conversion apps out there, and many run under $50.

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