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You have to work in tandem with an audio feed from the house mixing board and a direct feed into your camera/portable recording devices. That meaning on a 1 camera shoot, you have to decide if your doing a static shoot (camera stays in one place) to link one channel of audio from the mixing board to your cam and another to one of the house speakers. If you’re going to be moving around, then you’ll need a portable recording device or a small camera you can connect a mic to and mic one of the house speakers.

Keep in mind without a small field mixer of your own, you’ll be at the mercy of whoever is mixing the sound and they won’t have ‘clean audio for video’ in mind. Also, any audio you get from a portable recorder you mic the house speakers with will also be ‘hot’ if you don’t have any way to set the audio levels in the unit. Really hot audio is a nightmare to try and fix in post and most times you can’t. Zoom and others make affordable portable recorders with built-in levels controls. You might want to take a look at those.

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