Mr Stewart is right.Diff


Mr Stewart is right.

Different filters do [or can give] different effects.

Colored filters can either bring out a color or reduce a color.
You have filters that can give you a soft focus effect.
Some will give you a halo effect around lights.

There are many filters that will do many things that can add to the overall look and feel of your images.

UV is maybe the 1 single you can’t go wrong with it filter.
UVs block UV light which we cannot see but its one part of the light spectrum that helps to make video look like video.
Blocking that nasty little frequency can help us reach that film look we love so much. [Of course the film look is far deeper than that but UV filters help to get you there.]

You dont really need filters but they can make your projects look better and they can help reduce some of the editing workload because its on the image and one less adjustment you need to make in post.

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