MPEG-4 AVC HD you should.


MPEG-4 AVC HD you should. Now your question will be whether or not your Blu-ray player (or the majority of client’s ones) can actually play the files. I’ve also heard that some bluray technology has problems playing AVCHD sometimes, due to speed. Some even have trouble playing 1920×1080/60p. A generalizationfrom allmy research indicates that the development of 1080p60 support is not quite there yet, but, seems to be making it there VERY fast. Most NLEs are FULLY customizable in that regard. I don’t know a ton about bluray, but cost of blanks are expensive ($1+ a piece), but someday it will make it.

I can see a difference between 1920x1080p60 and 1920x1080i60, particularly on my TM700. AVCHD artifacts more shooting 60i (at least that’s my experience).

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