Most transitions and effec


Most transitions and effects are not owned by a single editing application. They can be accomplished in any application but sometimes use different methods. There isn’t anything in Pinnacle that I can’t do in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

If you could show us what you are wanting to do we could tell you how it is done in Premiere.

It is possible to export video from Premiere, add effects or transitions in Pinnacle and then export back to an AVI file for use in your Premiere project. This happens all the time with other effects applications and plug ins. As you do more and more editing you will find that there isn’t one program that does it all. The combination of After Effects and Premiere (or Final Cut) does at least 75% of anything you could need, but there is a big market for plug ins that help those do even more. I am collecting quite a few plug ins and additional applications these days to help me do everything that I would like to do.

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