Most still dont know the d

AvatarGrinner Hester

Most still dont know the difference, really.

I mean we have production companies boasting “broadcast quality” when 3rd generation VHS is broadcasted all the time. It means nothing. We have cable companies selling “High Definition” when they can’t provide an uncompressed or even componant signals. Means nothing. I have made a lot of money spending time making video look like beautiful film and more money making it look like old scratchy film. lol

What we do is both expendable and aesthetic. It’s meant to be creative so the first thing any of you should do when somebody spits out a rule or opinion as fact is to laugh. I can’t afford to get in line and folow suit, man. I have a family to feed and the only way I can do that is to discard my limitations and utilize my resources. These varying from person to person, it’s sure be foolish of somebody to yell “ya gotta do it this way.”

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