Most sofware has an 18 mon


Most sofware has an 18 month update cycle. From Windows, Apple, Adobe, and most other major products. The 18 month cycles give you enough time to absorb, use, and then get new hardware to take advantage of new software. I am a computer programmer, and write code for web video. While hardware is built to last, software is an unending cycle of new products built to take advantage of faster processors, larger drives, and more memory. If the last version came out last January, this one is late. By a few months. You can expect the next version of CS to probably come out 18 months from October, be approximate and say June 2010. Or be way conservative, and say December 2010. Windows Vista was just put out, and they’re going to put up some betas of the next operating system 7 soon. Mac osX 10.4 was released April 2005, osX 10.5 was released October2007. About December 2009 should be 10.6 for the mac.

We complain because we have to pay for it, you can skip a cycle and not pay for it. Then that just means you get all the added productivity during the next purchase you make. Or download. CS3 was tough, because it came out just around when osX and Vista came out, and a bunch of things just didn’t work until updates were rolled. out.

You can already model in 3d using Illustrator, flash animates the 3d, but you still need the human touch to program flash websites. It was all possible in cs3.


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