Most of the bugs have been


Most of the bugs have been fixed. One of the problems that’s being working on is a posting issue in Opera.

Just to give some background on the coding process…

The site is coded using W3C standards. Initial testing is done in Firefox. Firefox was chosen because it is the most popular of the standards based browser. Although it’s leaps and bounds better than version 6, IE7 doesn’t qualify since it’s still not close enough to the standards.

Once everything is working properly, IE7 and IE6 hacks are added. For IE6 the goal is make the page functional, but not necessarily up to the visual quality of the modern web browsers(Opera/Firefox/Safari/IE7). For major design changes, Opera and Safari are tested as well. However for single pages this usually isn’t necessary. For the most part testing in either Opera, Safari or Firefox is as good as testing in all three.

Feel free to email me directly if something isn’t working correctly (bugs). If it’s an aesthetic issue (ex. red text), please post to the forum for discussion.

Rather than have my email addresses harvested… I’ll just give an obvious hint.

Thanks again for all of your feedback! (and keep it coming)

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