“most of the artists are n


“most of the artists are new artists or havent been signed to major labels, hence they have no money. People who make video’s will sign up to the same deal as the artists, i.e they get a share of the advertising revenue, which is really only there to cover hosting costs (and it doesnt do that).

I’m only looking for newbie video makers, ones who havent spent “over forty thousand dollars in equipment”. Thats why i said i I cannot take on professional outfits. Im only looking for newbies or people who do it as a hobby.”
can i ask a question?
Assuming someone shoots a video… they haven’t got the right equipment, but put the effort in anyways..
Assuming the Musician get a record deal…
I have never heard of a Musician turning down a record deal with a “If he goes, I go too” ultimatum to ensure a videographer get a payday as well…

Isn’t more likely that the record label will say “the song is nice, but the video needs to be more professional” and hire a pro, like say Grinner that they have a working relationship with?
And also, (Not that Grinner would ever do this) what would stop the professional outfit from just stealing the amateurs ideas and redo the project better?

I can shoot a video for a local band, here, write up a contract and post it on Utube, no middle man required, and at least get other word of mouth refferals locally, as well as any fee I’m willing to shoot fo/ client is able to pay… so why would either of us, need a middle man to get out talent out there?

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