Most important, talk to the


Most important, talk to the managers in your company about what goals they want the video to achieve. If there is a person in the company who handels the companys website, ask what people request most on the webpage. Then get a piece of paper or your writing software  and make a list ot the goals the company sets. Once you have that information you can start putting together  plan

for the video. Once you have developed the plan, take it to the manager who is supervising you on the video, and discuss the plan with that person. Listen to the supervisor and make changes to your plan that they requested, and re-submit the plan. Once the plan is approved, including a shot list or a story board you can start to work. Regarding a camera, Davids suggestion is fine but don't rule out Canon, or Panasonic who all make excellent  camcorders.. I use Vegas pro and know that your software support multi camera editing. you might consider getting two less expensive cameras like the Canon HF G10, which is in terms of ability virtually the same as the XA10, the pro version of the camera. Don't forget, the microphones on most cameras thing you should look into getting and additional microphone to record sound. Bad sound will ruin good shooting.

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