Most computers have optical


Most computers have optical drives and the ability to play DVDs, but those are rapidly going the way of the dinosaurs. My first impression would be to create a website. This way anyone can watch on many devices; Mac, Windows, iOS, Android. Then just sell subscriptions for access to the material. I may be mistaken, but you may also be able build it as a stand-alone application based on a web language like HTML, that you could send out on discs, thumb drives, or downloads. You’ll need to speak with someone more fluent than I as it’s been a long time since I’ve done application development. (back in the Adobe Director/Flash days). But I really like the idea of it being a web-based environment, so people can log in at work, then at home, then at the beach house, etc. Nothing to lose but their log-on and password, which can be built into the whole site.

Good luck!
Chris Sebes

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