Moses, Thanks for your co



Thanks for your comments. You can purchase a Video on Demand streaming package for Windows Media and Flash streaming for roughly $350 monthly. That prices includes 5 GB of storage for your content. It would give you the ability to have your programs streamed via Video on Demand at the convience of the user or you could even broadcast live events from a location (it takes a little more preparation for this.) Having a package like this would be great because you could also host streaming videos for other folks for a fee or store more of your video content on -line.

You can get that service through Vitalstream. If you need a direct contact and more information about the service shoot me an e-mail offline.

moses Wrote:

Thank you for your feedback. You are one of the best at this forum interms of knowledge or you know what you are talking about. I now have the clear picture regarding these issues. Could you please elaborate more on the sreaming video on demand. I have this upcoming festival (end of july) and if this one is cost effective, I may consider going forward doing it. How much? say for an hour or more events(edited) will cost…roughly? Thank you FREEMAN.

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