Mosess, Your e-mail is pr



Your e-mail is pretty loaded? I need a little more information. If you want you you can send me a e-mail off-line.

Let me know How much budge you have.

When you say broadcast are you talking about Live streaming on the internet?

Who are you trying to target for your audience overseas?

What kind of fundraiser are you trying to do?

How much experience do you have with Video production?

Renting equipment really depends on what you are trying to do.

Look forward to hearing from you.

moses Wrote:

If you could please kindly help me on what does it take to broadcast an event(live community fundraiser) will be held in my home town here in Canada direct to oversease. Also could you please tell me what to look for in terms of renting equipment? we will cover the event but we don’t know how to broadcast live events oversease. It is a fundraiser event and their budget is limited. They wanted to know if is cost effective. What is the option? broadcast or video streaming? cost and other related issues. Your help is appreciated.

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