Moses, It sounds like you



It sounds like you are talking about 2 things: 1) Live broadcasting of an event via television and 2) Live broadcasting of an event via the internet. Both from Canada to South Africa.

And your budget is limited. Sounds like under $1000.

Is this correct?

If it is, it’s not realistic to think about doing a live broadcast via television to overseas.

The process to do that would be to purchase a Satellite uplink and the cost is very expensive. This is the same type of service that news stations use when they feed their live event to their station or if they receive news from some station in another state or country.

Having a Satellite uplink is basically renting space on Satellite like ones that feed most of the programming for major networks and other cable channels. Then once you get the uplink the viewer has to downlink it to a station or via satellite television. When you watch satellite television that is a basically a downlink.

You best bet sounds like it would be to do a live streaming event and then archive it for Streaming – Video on demand.

You could even record the event and then send it overseas to be broadcast on public television or some other type of free broadcast outlet.

Let me know if you want to move forward with Live Streaming.

Hopes this info. helps you.

Good success to you.

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