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more of the same brotha. that site is the same as the rest of the b-s’ers

i just went through this whole process, i searched for days on end trying to find a good deal for a GL2, and it always comes down to this: if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. especially when it comes to cameras from online vendors. i said screw it yesterday and went through b&h, honestly, you can’t beat a GL2 for 1750 after that rebate. it really seems to be the cheapest, most reliable place on the web.

another approach i was thinking of doing was ebay, every now and again you can find a gl2 for under 1500, usually almost brand new. i was very close to doing this, but i just really felt more comfortable with the reliablility of b&h and how many people had said and felt the same thing. the choice is yours, but ALWAYS check

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