More importantly, these gr


More importantly, these grey areas get misinterpreted andthey arecertainly not the videographer’s fault. More than likely, the videomaker is trying to abide by the law because he’s petrified of being sued and losing everything by a clever lawyer who’s found a loophole…or has closed one.

The videographer is told by lawyers”you can’t shoot that without permissions” which almosthas to be wrong. But the most important tool the lawyer has is the bluff…just like in poker. After all, whatlegalities does the videographer know? Then, a guyon a forum pipes up and says, “Hey…My brother’s an attorneyand I’m telling you it’s illegal.” Or it’s questioned on another forum and Miss Clairol runs to Wikipedia for hertake on itand posts it. Of course,it’s probablywrong. The result is, throughfear,the vieographer is discouraged fromshooting anything at all (except himself in the foot).

You almost have to adopt the attitude: “Shoot first and ask questions later.” It should be in everyone’s forum signature here, there, and everywhere. This way, you at least have the shot. How the shot is used, how “de minimis” is interpreted,and other legalities can wait.

Just my “take” on it…HTH someone to keep shooting

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