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Truthfully, it all depends on how much money and time you want to spend on switching. Granted, any serious editor will be familiar with a number of NLE software and if you plan on going pro eventually you’ll need some experience using Media Composer (or better), FCP or some other high-end production software.

Between FCP and Vegas there are a number of differences than price. Up front, FCP is very strong on the video editing side and is a favorite of boutique style production houses in addition to high-end production facilities. Sound wise it has very good sound editing controls and works well with audio workstation software like Pro-Tools. FCP is also a solid choice if you are seriously into finishing work as you can natively use Apple’s ProRes codec for bringing 4:2:0 HD video up to 4:2:2 resolution. Though if your not outputting for theatrical, broadcast, high-end online or Blu-Ray release then it’s just another bell and whistle.

Vegas on the other hand is slightly less expensive and has really good video controls. Its two major strengths that rival FCP are its ease of use. For example, for my latest film my offline editor and I cut it on Vegas 7. He had never worked with Vegas before and my only experience was with ACID and Sound Forge. Within two hours we had the basics down and within two days you would have thought we had always edited with it.

The second strength is its sound editing capabilities. The only other programs that can truly rival Vegas sound wise are Pro-tools and maybe Cakewalk. Combine ACID and Sound Forge in the mix and there’s only Pro-Tools.

Vegas can also work with 10 bit video and just like FCP can handle PIA AVCHD, 2k and I do believe 4k with the release of v9. Many broadcast shows like ‘Survivor Man’ are cut, sound mixed and finished using Vegas and its suite.

So which one is better? Neither or either depending on what you’re planning on doing. Survivorman’s Les Stroud was a long time FCP user, but tried Vegas and hasn’t looked back. Other posters in these forums changed from Vegas to FCP with apparently positive results. Before you switch or stay ask yourself, ‘Can I currently afford to dump everything and buy all new stuff? ‘Cause if you go FCP you will have to. Of course you can partition your main drive and have a PC section so you can still run Vegas, but remember Vegas like FCP was specifically designed for a particular platform and will run most efficiently with what it was designed for. Every editor I know who’s done this says it’s a pain, but it might work for you.

Now before some fanboy for Mac or PC accuses me of anything, I’m not saying that either is bad. Both have their strengths, both have their weaknesses. Up front are issues of both time and money. You’re already familiar with Vegas so upgrading will be barely a hiccup for you. However, if you change over to FCP you have to go all the way with a new Apple computer and everything that goes with it plus the time it’s going to take to learn a new OS and learning to use a new NLE. If you have that kind of time and money to spare then go for it. If you don’t you can work with HD just as well with the program you are already familiar with. That’s fine too.

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