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very true, but most of the "prosumer" SD cameras are going that way as well, not just the DVX100 series. I remember a time when Discovery’s cable networks used Canon’s line of XL and ever GL standard def cameras. But that day is LONG since gone. Ultimately, most networks can afford far better cameras, and even for the shows where cameras take a lot of abuse, the gear they use can still be well ahead of the average prosumer level budget.

That being said, there is still a place for this stuff. After all, these cameras still get the same quality that they did when they were network favorites, and the shows they helped create are still out there playing, and still look pretty good.

Like I said, most networks are going to prefer HD, but that doesn’t mean a documentary, pilot episode, or other productions can’t be shot with gear of a lesser caliber. Don’t forget that the cult phenomenon movie "Blair Witch Project" was shot on nothing nicer than Hi-8 Video, and it made it to the big screen. If your production itself is good enough, your gear won’t need to be the latest and greatest out there. πŸ™‚

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