Monitoring video on a Stan


Monitoring video on a Standard TV is almost always misleading. I’ve had experience connecting my camcorder A/V to a TV adding picture noise. Using S-Video is better, but does not seem to render full quality either. You probably won’t have to worry if you are using an HDTV or video monitor. Given here is the definition of a true color video monitor:

Experimenting is always the best way to find out. If your computer and TV use S-Video, simply connect with a standard S-Video cable. Or, if your computer does not have S-Video, you’d probably look for a VGA (monitor) to S-Video cable. If S-Video is not an option on your TV, you should look at getting a VGA (or S-Video) to RCA converter instead. Also realize that standard TVs have a seemingly tiny resolution of 320×240, so there will be a loss in pixel display.

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