M, Multi-cam editing is a



Multi-cam editing is a snap. In your first timeline sequence, insert and sync up all your videos on the first 4 video tracks. Each track is a "camera". Then, create a new timeline sequence, and drag the first sequence into the timeline of the second sequence.

When you get that far, enable multi-cam mode in the clip menu, open up the multi-cam monitor, hit record, and you’re on your way!

I’m guessing that since you already used it to create one project that you probably figured that out already, but hey, what’s it hurt to post it so everyone can find out how?

As far as tutorials go, they show you some interesting stuff, but I don’t like them. I learned PP2 just by playing with it, and occasionally flipping throught the help file. It helped having worked on other NLE’s before, but even so, there is a lot to learn, I’ll admit to that.

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