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MindYourVideoBusiness Wrote:

Finally, the "agreement" you are signing most likely isn’t really an enforceable legal document anyway. Are they really going to take you to court because you had a wireless microphone on the groom? As long as you respect the event and operate like a professional, there shouldn’t be any problems.

No, I did not take it as a legal binding document. But basically it said that if I did not abide by what was on the sheet, the church had the right to kick me out, and definitely not ever let me come back.

I also figured that this preacher had some bad experiences with Videographers in the past and this was a C-Y-A form for them. Basically, they told me and that was that. If anything happened they could just say, We told you not to.

I feel sorry for the phototgrapher, they had more restrictions on her than me. (That is a first.) SHe had to stay in the balcony and was only allowed immediately inide the sactuary door but no further.

She got no front shots. And did lots of telephoto from behind. Not much of comming down or going up the isle either.

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