Milmonster, Traditionally



Traditionally the ‘producer’ you own the ‘original’ material and the client owns ‘the final product’ unless expressly stipulated otherwise in a written contract. Johnboy and Crafters are correct it is so much simpler to set up a contract and clarify who owns what. Your compensation for services, milestone timeframes, deadlines, rules of time extensions and ownership of the produced materials and the final product are very important portions that must be included in the document. One thing you should insist upon even if the client wants complete ownership of the original materials is your right to the unrestricted use portions of the OM’s for your demo and promotional materials. Long as the portions used are not ‘sensitive’ (i.e. classified or industrial proprietary based) they should not object. If they do, you may want to reasses whether you want them as a client. Whatever is agreed to stick with the terms. Doing so will save your hindparts in the event of a contract dispute.

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