Miller Video, I have had


Miller Video,

I have had a lot of success digitizing slide film by using a very inexpensive holder and a home made light box. What you really need to do is have an even light source, put your digital camera on a tripod, and make or buy a very inexpensive slide holder.

You can make one out of the center of aluminum foil center carboard tube with a cutout for the slide and face it toward a very steady light source to keep digitizing. Or get the $59 professional version, which does the same thing. You supply your own bright light source and your own digital camera. Take the highest resolution you need for your presentation or max out your resolution for archival purposes. No matter how high your digital camera goes, you can’t improve on the slides, as photo film resolution is measured in terms of individual molecules. But what you give up in pure resolution, you can gain in being able to modify the image, improve on it, and archive for future generations.

Digicam ----------- Slide Holder -----------Light Source
     |                        |
     |                        |
     |                        |
   Tripod                  Slides

This allows you to speed up the process, test a few pieces to finalize your setup, then create your assembly line.

Ebay sells this listed as Slide Adapter, it currently looks like 47th street video is exclusively selling this on Amazon:

This FLICKR section shows someone who did the OPTEKA version and there looks like some good discussion going on about the method and process:

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