Milkteam -I used to shoot


Milkteam -I used to shoot on the Canon XL-1 which always had people drooling. Now days, you can get way better video with essentially a palm sized camcorder yet no one looks twice at it.The tendancy for people to equate size and qualityis no longer accurate.

A quick look at the specs of the Panasonic AG-AC7 scared me away pretty fast. The very small, single chip seems to be sub 1080 quality. I think you’ll be really disappointed in the long run with this camera. Admitedly, I haven’t used this camera myself, but looking at the glowing reviews on B&H left me feeling like a good third of them were spam and a third were people who never owned a camcorder before.

So if you go with a smaller camera,spin itto your advantage. You might try marketing yourself as a videographer that blends in to the background, using unobtrusive cameras, recording the wedding and reception in a subtle, documentary style.

If you actually want to make money with your camera, spend a little more than you would on that Panasonic. Both the NX70 and the Canon XA10 will give youbetter videoAND give you XLR inputs. Audio CANNOT be overlooked – bad audio is a distraction your clients will not appreciate.

Your biggest problem with a small camera liek the Sony or Canon will be figuring out where to mount your wireless receiver. πŸ™‚

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