Mike, Many years ago, the



Many years ago, the ‘Ilford’ company, makers of film-stock in Britain, had a most effective advertisement. It was a shot of a 35mm photographic negative, with the caption, ‘If you haven’t got it here……You haven’t got it’. Truer words were never spoken.

Like you I have been searching for the ‘Holy Grail’ Indoing so,I have upscaled some of my earlier footagefrom High Quality mpg2 to Hi-Def formats. The results have been, at best, inconclusive……at worst, a waste of time. After using some high-powered codecs, I have concluded that changing my stuff from mpg2 is a waste-of-time. What I am looking forward to, though, is downscaling fromAVCHD to 720 x 576 SD. Our video-recorder/player, a Panasonic, makes a marvellous job of it and direct loading from the camcorder I have in-mind, via a HDMI cable, is likely to be a breeze. In my humble experience, nothing alreadychanged into a compressed format,such as mpg2, ever benefits from being changed back.I am 5 years into an on-going project, and downscaling to match what I already have, makes good perfectly good sense, to me.

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