Mike, As a Moderator, it i



As a Moderator, it is my responsibility along with the others to filter out suspicious individuals and content. This forum is free of such things because of moderator diligence. Members are welcome to ask questions for any legitimate endeavor involving the video/film production industry and will receive the best answer possible.

What members will not receive, is information which will assist them in unintentional or intentional piracy or theft of copyrighted materials. For the record, I am an opponent of the SOPA/PIPA bills. That doesn’t mean I want pirates ripping off mine or anyone else’s copyrighted work.

I have made two genuine attempts to answer your questions, yet you still haven’t made mention of what editing platform you use, whether the footage was shot by you or not and what format the original is. Without this information no one can give you a definitive answer as these are technical questions by which a solution can be established.

All you have done so far is raise mine and others suspicions as to your true motives. Again, if all you are looking for is how to RIP stuff from the web or whatever you are in the wrong place.

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