Mike, the sum of your ques


Mike, the sum of your questions appear to be based on WANTING to RIP existing content … something the community HERE isn’t likely to want to help you on. As far as “all video does not contain copyright” actually ALL video, all creative content does, but some content, and due to other elements of the copyright regulations, may wind up in public domain. It isn’t likely that such “freely available” copyright released material would be THAT difficult to acquire, negating the requirement for ripping software that is freely accessible for anyone wanting it or needing it for whatever the reasons may be … personal library, distribution among friends and contacts, or openly pirating and selling or otherwise attempting to make a buck off somebody else’s creative work.

And yes some of us are moderators … that is WHAT we do, “moderate” so occasionally when a person might have a questionable approach to things that smacks of copyright infringement or pirating or any other form of misappropriation, unless OUR questions to YOUR questions are answered … rather than shooting cheap shots (S.O.P.A. for example, and other RETORTS) … in a straightforward matter I sort of validates the stated concerns.

NOBODY HERE is going to help you rip off or pirate stuff … there’s plenty of sources and people “out there” who will but nobody on these forums. If we’ve misjudged you too harshly then be a bit more forthcoming with the kind of information needed to set you on a positive path.

In all probability this thread is going to go downhill from here. If it does I’ll toss it. Keep it sane, cooperative and as professional as possible. It is my humble opinion that if anything Composite1 said has ruffled your feathers perhaps you’re not wanting to be THAT straightforward with any of us either.

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