Mike – rights are not a


Mike – rights are not a problem for me. I'm aware of the high compression crap & I do use good disks. When I was shooting on DV I didn't have a quality problem. But the whole AVCHD thing has been a bit of a nightmare. First off, there's the 2gig limit of FAT. There for a long, non stop shot is made of several files. There's a glitch when layed end to end on the time line. And yes, I can edit them in their raw file (MTS). My computer is powerful enough (i7,32GB RAM, Nvidea card, 2, 1TB HDDs) to handle the raw files. They look beautiful. But when it's time to burn then turn to crap. I know DVD is only standard definition but I figure if a DVD rental from Red Box can look so good then I think mine shouldn't look so bad. What does Hollywood do to help keep their movies looking so good in standard def? I must be missing out on some important information. I need to read something that will explain everything I need to know. 

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