Mike, let’s see if I can help


Mike, let’s see if I can help you and make it easier.
Before I forget, if you have Windows 7 or newer, you can do this without IrfanView.
Select all the files, right click and choose Rename and give them whatever name you want.
When you add a series of new files to this folder, repeat this process using the same name and the new files will be automatically renamed and properly numbered for you.

If you still want to use IrfanView, install it and run it.
Go File – Batch Conversion/Rename.
Browse to the folder with your files in it and click “Add All”.
If you want to keep the newly named files in the same folder, click “Use current (‘look in’) directory”. If you want to put them into a different folder, browse to it so that IrfanView knows where they’re supposed to go.
Just above this button is the “Name pattern” option. Give it the desired name. The # symbol is used for the number of files you have in the folder. The default is #### which will go up to 9,999 files. Delete one or more # symbols if you think you will never go that high or just leave it at the default.
If you proceed with the batch now, it will make a duplicate (renamed copy) of the original files and I don;t think you want that as video files can be large and take up hard drive space.
In that case, click “Options” next to “Name pattern” and then click the “Rename original/input files (for advanced users only; at your own risk!!)” box. All this does is rename the original files with your desired new name.
Once you do this, exit this window and click “Start Batch”
If you’re not 100% certain that you want to do this, leave this option alone and run the batch converter. You can always delete the original files after you’re done.
I think I covered everything but let me know if you have any questions.


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