Mike, here is the link : 


Mike, here is the link : 



You have to click on each item to see the text but as I said, it confirms it is only included as CS6 and that it will not be supported for OS's after Windows 7.  Usually companies say MAY not be supported, they make it clear it WILL not be supported.


I think they are getting away with saying it is "included" because Encore CS6 is "included" in the cloud and Adobe supports that it will work with the CC AME output, if you have Encore CS6 installed AND you are on windows 7.


But what about if you are on windows 8?  And what about a year from now when cloud AME and PP are all updated like 10 times by then and we are on Windows 8 service pack 3?  No support for Encore and it may not work.  Think some of the "end-to-end cloud solution" messaging may have to change.


I agree it is not a stellar program…..but, neither is say windows file explorer (there are better alternatives out there). But it WORKS…and it is convenient to have as part of preinstalled programs for the OS.  


That is how I thought of Encore as not great but functional.  It always burned me I had to export my HD video and 5.1 audio separately anyway, I could never use dynamic link. But it never made me want to go out to spend $100's of dollars on an alternative.


So IMHO calling Encore terrible may be going a bit far.  But if it is terrible in comparison to some other products, please pass along the names of those tested and much better products!  Because once on Windows 8 I guess I will be using them.  🙂


The way I see it, if I am going to pay a monthly fee for somthing I have multiple versions of over the years, at least don't take something away that I use…. And this kinds of flies in the face of the comment (for video editors) that the only difference vs. using discs in CS6 for the cloud version is "you download the software from the cloud and install it locally and get all these great feature enhancement updates!".  I really was looking forward to a new shiny Encore.


The fact that you lose the back-end product going forward is not really highlighted. Most people did not find out about it until the program was mysteriously not included in the cloud offerings.





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