*  Does Sony software address only video and audio for film (time based media)? or is there more? i.e. web / print / graphics design? photography?

*  Is Sony Vegas Pro Suite all that one would want for video and audio or would other offerings from Sony still be relevant?

*  Do you know where the software is developed? Do you know where most of it's users are? How about it's support operations? i.e. N. America, Asia, Europe? Do you think it makes any difference?

*  I happen to own Sony DSLR. Do you know if there is any special advantage to using Sony software given my camera brand?

*  How often does Sony publish upgrades? How often do you think it prudent to purchase them?


Sony software users sure do seem to like their products. Capable and intuitive / easy to learn and use seems to be the message. Would you agree?


You haven't commented on Adobe. If I were to read between the lines, I'd say you decided against them for some reason. Could you elaborate?



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