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If you are using Premier Pro, there is one set of audio filters that might help and theyre easy to adjust and use. They are called Highpass and Lowpass.

The Highpass effect removes frequencies below the specified Cutoff frequency. The Lowpass effect eliminates frequencies above the specified Cutoff frequency. What you do is slide these until you sense a drop in background noises but you have to be careful not to start changing the pitch of the recorded voice track. It works for low hums and higher pitch background noise. I find that this comes in handy when working with audio from human dialogue that was recorded in less than perfect conditions.

Using some low volume background music is also a great idea. It will most diffidently help mask out some of the unwanted noise.

Like Jim stated, you can only do so much with audio. The best way of course is to avoid this problem and to take the necessary precautions up front and you won’t have to deal with this headache.


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