Microchip, Don’t fret. Yo



Don’t fret. You’ll need to export each project to a new media file. Exporting should render all your effects and titles. In Premiere Elements 1.0 (although I’ll admit never using it) you should have an option to export to a file. Try to use an AVI file at 29.97 fps, 720 x 480, at highest quality (DV or sometimes called mini DV). Depending on what your options are there might be a need to customize your "export to file." Do this export for every project you have, then start a new one and add media (add each of these new media files) to that new project. Now you’ll have them all on one timeline.

I’m not sure if Premiere Elements 2.0 offers embedding projects, but I think I reminder seeing it in a demo. This is a feature you might want to see if it has, because it will enable you to drop a project into another project’s timeline (hence, embedding). I know Premiere Pro does this.

Anyway see if that will work for you.


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