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One thing you might want to consider when purchasing a camcorder for outdoor shooting is the optical zoom. Both cameras you’re looking at have a 10x optical zoom, which is about average. Some "consumer" camcorders feature a 20x which maybe of value to you. Or consider an lens telephoto converter. Just a few more things to think about.

As far as hot vs cold shoe is concerned, "hot" means it can power devices through the shoe. It’s a nice feature, but it will drain your camcorders battery faster. A cold shoe won’t send power and is simply a accessory shoe capable of attatching devices to it. Honestly, in all my years of shooting I’ve never used a hot shoe. You can connect a shotgun mic to a cold shoe. Many shotgun mics will get phantom power from a supplied AA battery.

Hope that helps some? Anyone else seen, used these camcorders before? or have some suggestions?

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