Microchip Helen, You are


Microchip Helen,

You are playing the seesaw game with low bitrate low quality vs high bitrate high quality. Most people who have broadband have about 500 kbps safe transfer if they are not downloading other things while watching your video, so I know as a video pro you want to give out the highest bitrate, but you will be safe if you encode between 300 and 400 kbps. Because people who download online video are usually doing other things in the background which decrease their overall bitrate. Like chatting on IM, doing social networking on MySpace or Facebook, downloading updates for their windows machines, or updating quicktime/itunes/acrobat for their mac machines. Some overhead has to be given so that your users can still do their everyday living and still view your content unobtrusively. That’s where the art of compression comes in; good luck !!!


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The best lights for video production — 2021

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