Mickey, If I’m reading you


If I’m reading you right, you’re just wanting to use the DVD as a storage media..?..? I thought you wanted to make a DVD with chapters and a menu and the whole nine yards.

You can use Movie Maker to capture your footage to your hard drive and then edit/cut out what you don’t need, then save the file as a .AVI and then burn it to a DVD disc using whatever DVD software you have on your computer. Again, if I’m reading you right and you’re not needing entertainment type DVDs your time should be very short because you won’t need to make deep edits or add sound tracks and effects and stuff.

I shot some footage straight to my hard drive once as a DV AVI file using Windows Movie Maker and 1 hour and 35 minutes of video took up about 23 gigabytes of space… So keep that in mind.

I hope that helps because you should have zero problem using Movie Make as a capture source and then burning your video files to DVD as back-ups.

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