Michael, One thing I have



One thing I have found very handy, has been to standardise on ‘beats’per-minute’ timing. I write music, where possible, in either 120bpm, or 60bpm. That seems to make it much simpler to time music to be cut to match screen-action, and also vice-versa, where timing becomes critical. The danger, the only one of which I am aware, is to break up this ‘pattern’ occasionally to prevent the rhythms becoming too predictable. I have recently written an article on the subject, published locally, which also addresses some of the aspects mentioned recently by ‘efiebke’. If anyone would like to contact me, personally, using thisemail address,artsmith@clear.net.nz, I would be quite happy to send a copy as a ‘pdf’ attachment. My reasons, it may be a little too long, and off-topic a bit, for this thread.

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