michael9, if you want some


michael9, if you want some advice on interviews (technique etc.) you might check out some of the posts by EarlC a frequent poster hear and contributer to Videomaker magazine. EarlC is also a great source for suggestions on marketing your business, he suggests a targeted approach.As far as your equipment goes, when you go portable a collapsing reflectorwith multiple colored surfaces comes in handy (less storage space,lightweight may eliminate carrying along some of the lighting). These are available at many places, Digital Juice and others.You should have the bases covered for editing AVCHD, I use a less powerful computer wih no problems except length of time rendering. I also use Vegas MS 9 Platinum Pro and have used it to put Avchd files on DVD for viewing HD on Bluray or PS3 but without the ability to have menus. I am adding a bluray burner and am trying to find out if I need other authoring software for menu based HD discs. Have you been able to use DVD architect to make blurays on your bluray burner with menus or do you use other authoring software for this? Keep shooting.

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