MHO In today’s economy, un



In today’s economy, unless you already have anincomethat can handle the monthly payments on that business loan, and plan on maintaining ituntil you businessis able topay for itself plus your income, you are putting an awful lot on your shoulders for just starting out.

I would suggest looking into your local small business development center (look in the blue pages of your phone book, yeah I know, “what’s that?” orgoogle “your state” business development)and see what they have in the way of localclasses or seminars about starting a business. Some are free as they are paid for through grants, taxesand donations, others have small fees to cover materials. Most are held during evenings and weekends. I have attended several in my area and the first ones were real eye openers about the extra costs that you normally do not think about in the way of business taxes and fees. They talk about how-tos on such things asmarket research, business plan, product development, all things the bank will need to seeto help you get that loan.

They also give lists of local resources as well.

A very good read is EarlC’s blog

He covers a multitude of ideas about business thatare full of food for thought.

I am sure others will add to this as they come across your post.

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