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100 years of experience Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University. We
are preparing some of the best in the country, technical specialists and give
the young people are always in demand profession. Each year we
receive over 11,000 entrants. Let’s
name 5 reasons why they choose it is our university.

The first
reason – a huge selection of professions and specializations. 11 faculties:

and Electromechanics;
and aeronautical engineering;
materials science
and high technology;
management and innovation;
Engineering Physics and
Institute of
Radio Electronics and Information Technology;
of Industrial Technology and Engineering
Institute of Nuclear Energy and Technical Physics, even entered the consortium
“Russian nuclear innovative university”.

The second reason – the
quality of our education. Our
staff includes more than 1,178 teachers, among them: 132 doctors 623 candidates
of science. We
are working as professor emeritus – pioneers and docks in the area, as young teachers
who are not afraid of experimentation and innovation. In NSTU open Dissertation Council.
graduate school for more than 10 destinations. Continuing
exhibitions and conferences where young scientists can prove themselves.

The third reason – openness. University
collaborates with many universities not only in Russia but also worldwide. We
have students from Morocco, Sudan, Jordan, USA, India and China.

The fourth reason – care
about our students. Absolutely
all nonresident students are provided with housing. In
addition to dormitories on the campus of a hotel, a gym, a health dispensary, a
sports ground.

The fifth reason – an
interesting rich life. There
are many sections which in their free time, you can not only learn a lot, but
how to have fun:

group “Splash” for those wishing to work in a camp counselor.
For a
cheerful and resourceful on the basis of the NSTU a league of KVN.
sharpness of his pen to the university newspaper, “Polytechnic”.
Become a
confident and emancipated at acting classes.
summer sports camp “Zhdanovets.
to drive a car in a driving school “Poly” and turn the steering wheel
in yahtshkole Parus.

the NSTU, you care about your future – University helps graduates find jobs in
top research institutes and in industry.
us on this difficult, but such an interesting way to learn. Let
us will work together for the benefit of the national science and technology. How
did it Rostislav E. Alekseev – the famous creator of hydrofoils.
in the NSTU and, perhaps, in your honor, too, will be called University. Good luck!

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