@Mediafish, your comment m


@Mediafish, your comment made me laugh and smile, thank you for that!

@BirdCat Wow, you did change how the video looked.
What are “Sony Vegas Pro 11 native functions”?
What is “Levelator to fix up the audio…”
I will look “look up normalization and..” (any free videos you can point me to?)
What is “how to use it in your NLE”?
What is “…ProDad Mercalli 2…”
Any good free videos you can point me to on “learn about color correction..”
What is “IMHO”?

@Gergory, I agree that everyone’s perspective is different. I do think about other videos I’ve seen that I like and use them as a reference point.

@Everyone, thank you for watching and providing feedback. I’m glad this one was improved. Yes, I’m a work in progress.

It did not offend me to have my work redone, by professionals that want my work to be the best. I’m open to listening and learning. I believe that criticism is hard to listen to. I do my best to take it, reflect on it, and then decide if change is in order.

@Bridcat I will send you the raw footage next time, and just spend 1 hour on it, I’ll be grateful.

@Gregory, I applaud you for your defense. It takes a very brave person to stand up for themselves and an even braver man to stand up for someone else. We need more people that like you.

Thanks all for your help!

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