“Meanwhile, I will disagre


“Meanwhile, I will disagree with Adam on just about everything but the B-roll.”

I don’t want to take this statement the wrong way, but we all have varrying opinions based on experience.

I suggest buying good equipment to start with, not low grade stuff where you’re just asking for problems.

I mentioned a cheap tripod for the second (static) camera that will not be touched, and should be located out of the way of people. I have a GRD 72 that I used as a deck until I drove it into the ground, the thing is tiny and doesn’t require much to keep it upright:) but by all means use a nice fluid head tripod for your primary camera.

I do agree with you solver that the audio in that clip lacks a little in robustness, but I would prefer that than popping and crackling all of the time. And since the minister wouldn’t wear another mic (gotta do what you gotta do).

Anyway, you can get the senheisser from b&h like I did for around $500 and it’s a good investment.

I won’t take offense compusolver, I definately agree with a lot of the stuff you said, and I love getting input on these boards because there is always something to learn.


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