me replying again.. As fa


me replying again.. As far as a single cam ceremony goes, it has always served me best to pick a good location and go from tripod. If you are in the right location you can follow the couple as they move around. I would definately mic the groom, that will pick up really all of the audio you will need pretty well. If you would like to get ambient audio there is one way you can get both but it requires purchasing a beachtek xlr audio box. You would plug the beachtek box into your camera and run two seperate xlr sources to the two channels. One could be the mic’d groom and the other could be a shotgun mic or something. But if that is important to you, you could look into getting the pd170 with the XLR built in instead of the beachtek box. Otherwise you relly can only get one audio source into the camera if you are using the vx2100.

My best advice is that if you want to go handheld do so at the beginning as they are walking down the aisle, but go to tripod quickly when you get a break (a prayer or something). Then you could go handheld again towards the end if you wanted. If you try going handheld the whole time it will not look professional.

Last piece of advice, when you are moving around do a slow zoom out first so the motion isn’t too abrupt, then do a slow zoom back in when you lock on the subject. And, always remember you are the only audio and video source, so no cutting to a second angle, be sure to bring headphones so you can monitor your audio!


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