Me again, no I wasn’t on t


Me again, no I wasn’t on the crown princess when it tipped…but I heard that it was quite bad…it’s one of these ships that I hope I never work on, any ship in the Carabeens as a matter of fact, you see I have been really lucky so far to get ships that do ever changing itineraries…but if I ended up in the Carabeens for 6 months doing the 5-6 same ports, then you wouldn’t envy my job!!

By the way if you guys wonder what most ships use as for equipment, it’s all done with on a MAC G5 or better with Final Cut, 1 external 500G hardrive, 2 X 250G internal drives, 2 DSR-250 sony cameras and 1 VX2100 camera with an underwater housing, 2 DVD burner towers and you are good to go! The older ships, or I should say the ships with the older video set ups use a program called DPS Velocity, really nice program (on PC) but too unstable, and complicated (not to use but to maintain)

And by the way the idea of being a videographer is that every cruise, which last between 7 to 15 days, you create a souvenir video, you go film on tours, film ship events, etc, put that on DVD and sell it through the photo department…the big advantage is that you get to get off in ALL the ports to go on tour ,unlike many people that work on ships they stay on all day and miss everything…

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